Welcome to Taoist Living.

This is my "home" on the Internet and I want it to be a place of welcome for any guest who arrives. As your host, let me briefly introduce myself.

I have taken a winding road that has led me straight to the present moment. I have, over the years, worn the labels of, "Christian, Buddhist, and Taoist." I have followed careers called, "Scientist, Minister, Therapist, Writer, and Painter."

I have two children by my first marriage. Lara and John are delightful people and bring me much joy. I have three grandchildren, Jillian, Andrew, and newly arrived Emma - all of whom likewise delight me. I have been married to Nancy for 27 years now and she is the mate of my heart and I cherish my life with her.

Nancy and I now live in the mountains of Northern California, near the sacred Mount Shasta. We are deeply grateful to that dear Mountain for allowing us to live at her feet.

I write these words at the age of 72 years and I sense that I am in the most creative, generative, and in many ways, powerful time of my life. I write, publish, paint, drum, dance, walk in the forests, and celebrate my life.

I feel that a new paradigm is emerging for our culture. I trust that the Tao is in the process of rebalancing the Earth and I hope that humanity will have a place when that balance is restored. I don't know what this new paradigm will look like, but a renewed sense of community will play a large part. The internet is problematic, at best, but it may be a vehicle by which the seeds of that community can be planted and enabled to flourish.

Join me in this little corner of that broader universal community if you wish. I want to play my part in the greater Web of Tao in a manner that is authentic and helpful. My books, essays, and other contributions are listed in the menu. Contact me through the menu link with any comments or questions. I will try to respond in a timely manner.

Taoist Living With William Martin

Reflections on being at ease in a stress-filled life.

Day by Day With the Tao – 2017

2017 will be a year in which balance and clarity will be essential to all beings. I am working through the Tao Te Ching on a daily basis and will publish, beginning on January 1, 2017, a daily guide through verses of The Tao Te Ching. These  guides will feature quotes from the Tao, as well as my own reflections in poetry and prose. If you would like to receive these daily reflections in you email in-box, click this link to register.  I hope these reflections will be of help and support during a year of transitions and transformations.

These Day by Day reflections are free of charge. If you find them helpful, please consider donating by clicking this link which will take you to my PayPal account.  Donate

Archives of these daily reflections are available HERE

Tales of the Happy Frog - Volume 2 - "Cracking Up"

Those of you who know my work understand that I have been primarily a poet and essayist for the past 25 years of my career. All of my literary work has been in these areas. I did, however, venture into fiction a few years ago with my first novel, Tales of the Happy Frog. It was published as an eBook and seemed to be enjoyed by a number of readers. Likewise, I enjoyed the process of writing the novel, though fiction proved to be a formidable genre - one in which I am a neophyte.

Since the publication of Tales of the Happy Frog, I have had the intention, the urging of readers, and the growing desire, to write a sequel. The characters have been nagging at me, readers have been gently questioning, and story lines have been begging for attention. I will not bore you with the myriad things that interfere with a writer's best intentions. I know, however, that the first novel emerged because of a weekly deadline to publish a new chapter in a web journal I was editing a few years ago. Each week I faced a blank page and each week I managed to spin a chapter in a story that eagaged and excited me. Each week a chapter appeared - 50 in all.

There is nothing for it, I'm afraid (and I mean really afraid!) but to embark on the same process. So... each week, beginning the first week of June, 2017, I will be committed to publishing a new chapter in the continuing story of Cooper, Connie, Mary, Dorothy, Carl, Kathleen, Ito, Sam, Cap'n Phil, Amy, and the other "friends of the Happy Frog" that have become silent companions on my journey. It's time to let their story be public once again. I invite you to come along, mindful that the story as it unfolds here will be edited for the published edition.

Here we go! Tales of the Happy Frog - Volume 2