My novel, Tales of the Happy Frog, which had been available only as an Ebook, is now available in paperback -

for those of us who love to have a real book in our hands.

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Welcome to Taoist Living.

This is my "home" on the Internet and I want it to be a place of welcome for any guest who arrives. As your host, let me briefly introduce myself.

I have taken a winding road that has led me straight to the present moment. I have, over the years, worn the labels of, "Christian, Buddhist, and Taoist." I have followed careers called, "Scientist, Minister, Therapist, Writer, and Painter."

I have two children by my first marriage. Lara and John are delightful people and bring me much joy. I have three grandchildren, Jillian, Andrew, and newly arrived Emma - all of whom likewise delight me. I have been married to Nancy for 27 years now and she is the mate of my heart and I cherish my life with her.

Nancy and I now live in the mountains of Northern California, near the sacred Mount Shasta. We are deeply grateful to that dear Mountain for allowing us to live at her feet.

I feel that a new paradigm is emerging for our culture. I trust that the Tao is in the process of rebalancing the Earth and I hope that humanity will have a place when that balance is restored. I don't know what this new paradigm will look like, but a renewed sense of community will play a large part. The internet is problematic, at best, but it may be a vehicle by which the seeds of that community can be planted and enabled to flourish.

As of October, 2017, I am in a withdrawn season, probably until the first part of 2018. I'm not sure how long it will last, as I am finding that the personas and habits of a lifetime are no longer working. I'll keep the mailing list intact and let everyone know when I reemerge and just who the "I" who emerges might be - a writer of trashy novels and erotic poems? Who knows? There are certain identities and roles that I simply can't continue to carry at this point in my life's journey.

Taoist Living With William Martin

Reflections on being at ease in a stress-filled life.